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Values CSR

Values CSR

  • Belief in God
  • Leadership
  • Pro activity
  • Passion
  • Approach towards our clients
  • Loyalty
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Corporate Social Responsibility CSR
  • Solidarity
  • Nationalism and Regionalism with a Worldwide Vision
  • Conservation of the Environment


Consulting, training and providing services with excellence; and be constantly improving so that our clients increase their results and improve their global competitiveness.


Director (Ex-President) of Board of Directors of Empresarios Juveniles - Junior Achievement, we support and sponsor this organization that contributes to the development of Guatemala since 1988, fomenting the entrepreneurial spirit in the new generations.

Director in the Committee of Promotion of Investments, in order to obtain that Guatemala be an international pole of investments.

Founder and sponsor of the Strategic Plan of Integral Development of the Municipality of Joyabaj Quiche, XOY 2,025.

Sponsor of scholarship for Secondary Basic Cycle, Francisco Méndez Escobar Institute, Joyabaj Quiche.

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