Founded in 1993, with 30 years advising, training, accompanying and providing services to companies, unions and institutions at a national and international level. We are constantly transforming to respond to the current and future challenges of the global context of the third millennium, updating our services through a Comprehensive Approach to Global Competitiveness; with an expert and multidisciplinary work team made up of consultants, technicians and support staff.


To be an international consulting, training and services firm, for companies, unions and institutions, with the purpose of increasing their global competitiveness.


We are a human team, leader, expert, multidisciplinary and committed to the development of our clients; optimizing its results, through a comprehensive approach, added value of excellence, updating and continuous improvement.


Quality politics

Advise, train and provide services with excellence; continually improving so that our clients increase their results and improve their global competitiveness.

Corporate social responsibility

46 años de hacer Servicio Social Voluntario.

Director (Former President) of the Board of Directors of Juveniles-Junior Achievement Guatemala, which has contributed to the development of the country since 1988, promoting entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurship in current and future generations.

Facilitador del Plan Estratégico de Desarrollo Integral para el Municipio de Joyabaj El Quiché, Xoy 2,025.

Weekly TV and Internet program INVESTMENT AND DEVELOPMENT

Desde abril 2008, para promover el Espíritu Emprendedor, Inversiones, Creación de Empleos, Oportunidades, Políticas Públicas, Desarrollo Económico y Social, lo transmitimos a 45 países, los 800 programas al aire están disponibles en:


Youtube.com Inversión y Desarrollo con Luis Velásquez


For the Promotion and Development of MSMEs, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship, Agricultural, Rural, Livestock Extensionism, Productive Projects, Productive Chains, Business Management to improve Productivity and Competitiveness in Municipalities and Communities at the National Level. We work with Cooperatives, Associations and Groups of Producers and with various National and International Alliances.

Co-founders of the World Network of Indigenous Entrepreneurs and Speakers since its founding in 2014, also at the World Forum of Indigenous Entrepreneurs, annually in different countries.

Ad Honorem Member of the Advisory Council of the Board of Directors and Ad Honorem Director for Latin America of GEM Global Empowerment Mission from Miami, Florida USA supporting Natural Disasters. Even since February 2022, we have been supporting the displaced and affected population of Ukraine from Poland and Ukraine due to the war with Russia. Starting February 7, 2023 in Turkey and Syria, August 2023 Hawaii, September 2023 Morocco, in Latin America since 2011 and now based in Guatemala.


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